Winter Programme 2023-2024

For this season, presentations for the Section will be live, in theatre, at the Leicester University campus, from whence they will be broadcast on-line via Zoom. There is a reciprocal arrangement between ourselves - LL&PS Section C - and the Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group - WGCG - to share presentations. Those arranged by WGCG are so annotated. Most presentations are available for Members to view on YouTube; some are restricted for Members only. Non-members are directed to our Membership page - the Yearly subscription (September - September) is very modest.


Thursday 21st September
Professor Ian Fairchild (University of Birmingham) Stromatolites: Making Mountains out of Microbes (WGCG)

Wednesday 11th October
Richard Forrest (Peterborough Geological & Palaeontological Group) Excavating Dinosaurs

Wednesday 8th November
Emily Swaby (The Open University) Mesozoic Insects

Thursday 16th November
Paul Hildreth Chalk of the Northern Province (WGCG)

Wednesday 13th December
? Charnwood Forest Geopark


Wednesday 10th January

Thursday 18th January
Douglas Jerram The Palma (Volcanic) Eruption (WGCG)

Wednesday 14th February
? Lincolnshire Limestone

Thursday 15th February
Paul Smith Geology and Caves of Nth Greenland: A Physical Record of Cryptic Geological Intervals (WGCG)

Wednesday 13th March

Thursday 21st March
Dr Frankie Dunn Ediacaran fossils of Charnwood Forest (WGCG)

Monday 25th March
Dr Phil Bird TBC (joint meeting with Lit&Phil Parent Body)

Wednesday 27th March
Annual Meeting of Section C

Thursday 18th April
Phil Gibbard / Seb Gibson The Woolstonian Glaciation / HS2 (WGCG)