Winter Programme 2022-2023

For this season, our hopes are that the presentations will be live, in theatre at the Leicester University campus, from whence they will be broadcast on-line via Zoom. There is a reciprocal arrangement between ourselves - LL&PS Section C - and the Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group - WGCG - to share presentations. Those arranged by WGCG are annotated. Most presentations are available for Members to view on YouTube; some are restricted for Members only. Non-members are directed to our Membership page - the Yearly subscription (September - September) is very modest.


Tuesday 20th September
Professor Michael J Benton OBE FRS FRSE (Sch Earth Sciences, University of Bristol) Dinosaurs: New Visions of a Lost World (WGCG)

Wednesday 28th September
Dr Frances Dunn (Oxford University Museum of Natural History) A new fossil from the Ediacaran of Charnwood Forest confirms the antiquity of animal life

Wednesday 26th October
Dr Michael Howe BA PhD (Head of National Geological Repository, British Geological Survey) British Geological Survey Collections - over 200 years in the making

Thursday 17th November
Peter Gutteridge The NW Highlands Controversy: geology, geologists and social climbing in Victorian times (WGCG)

Wednesday 23rd November
Dr Laura McLennan (University of Derby) Geology and Geoheritage of Malta

Tuesday 29th November
Prof Michael J Branney (University of Leicester) Explosive volcanic eruptions & asteroid impacts (This will be the 62nd Annual Bennett Lecture)


Wednesday 11th January
Dr Timothy A M Ewin (Natural History Museum, London) Crinoids on the National News. A new Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) lagerstätte in Wiltshire, England, UK

Thursday 19th January
Jim Riding (Honorary Research Associate, British Geological Survey) What sedimentary rocks can tell us about Astronomical Cycles and Climate in deep geological time (WGCG)

Wednesday 8th February
Dr Phil Bird (University of Leicester) Title tbc on the Circular Economy and Material Supply

Thursday 16th February
Zoe Jackson (Herefordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust). The Birmingham Erratics Project. (WGCG)

Wednesday 8th March
Ed McGowan (University of Leicester) Caldera Hunting in the Borrowdale Volcanic Group of the English Lake District

Thursday 16th March
Peter Worsley Charles Darwin as a geologist, & the Voyage of the Beagle (WGCG)

Monday 3rd April
Professor Lynne Frostick Flood Risk Management, Past, Present and Future (Jointly with the Parent Body of the LL&PS at The New Walk Museum, Leicester)

Thursday 20th April
Dr Haydon Bailey HS2 through the Chilterns Chalk. (WGCG)