Saturday Seminar, March 10th 2018

The Middle Jurassic

The Rutland Dinosaur fifty years on: big feet in a small County

From 10.30, 10th March 2018

On the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Rutland Dinosaur, we focused on Middle Jurassic geology and fossils, but in particular, Sauropod Dinosaurs in a series of talks.

Of the Topics to be discussed, some are on the Dinosaur, and its fellow sauropods;
The Rutland Dinosaur - a history;
Feeding Mechanics in Sauropods;
and others are an overview of the Middle Jurassic System setting of Rutland;
the shifting environments recorded in Middle Jurassic strata of Britain;
the Middle Jurassic fauna from the Isle of Skye;
and the place of Cetiosaurus amongst the Sauropods.

The Speakers were John Martin and Dr Mark Evans on the History of the Rutland Dinosaur; Professor Paul Upchurch on Sauropod palaeobiology and feeding mechanics; Professor John Hudson on Mid-Jurassic lagoons; Elsa Panciroli on Mid-Jurassic Fauna from the Isle of Skye; and Femka Holwerda on the place of Celiosaurus among the sauropods.

The meeting was held in Lecture Theatre 1 in the Bennett Building on the Leicester University campus.

Coffee was available from 10.30, the Seminar commencing at 11.00.

Tickets, at £17.50, were available from the
Treasurer, Roger Latham, at Section C meetings or:
25 Potters Lane,
East Leake,
LE12 6NQ

[email protected]

01509 856562

There would be no inclusive lunch, but coffee/tea wase available during the recesses.
Several commercial food outlets are on campus.