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Privacy Policy 2021

Personal Data and the LLPS Section C (Geology)
An Individual’s confidentiality is protected by the Data Protection Act; the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679); and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2016 (PECR). Personal information, supplied by Individuals to the LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY), will be kept on file, and stored securely. These data will be deleted once they are no longer relevant. Paper copies of Membership Application forms, and copies of past Rules, and lists of Members (which include addresses), will be kept securely for historical purposes.

Membership Application (or Membership Renewal) and Gift Aid forms request some Personal Data and the Applicant’s preferred means of communication.
Personal Data

These data include title, name, address with post-code, telephone numbers (optional), on-line email address (optional). This information is required to provide the service that is expected by a LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) Member. These data will be stored securely.


The LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) will allow Members’ information to be used only by others working on their behalf, and, as required by law (e.g. HMRC for Gift Aid). The LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) will not share Members’ information with other charities, or companies, for marketing purposes.

Members have the right to access a copy of the information that the LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) holds about them (a subject access request), obtainable, subject to proof of identity, from the LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) General Data Controller.

A Member has the right to object to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) if it is felt that the LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) are not handling data in a satisfactory manner.

The LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) will hold data on Members and non-members, to fulfil the Legitimate Interest of promoting education, research, and information, about geology, in the wider public interest, as a constituent body of the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society, and as a registered charity.
We will use a Member’s personal data to send:

  • LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) magazine (Charnia) – for hard copies, these will be sent by post, using a mailing label prepared by the Membership Secretary, from the Members' record. The LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) will send an electronic link to those who receive Charnia by e-mail.

  • Notices of Meetings, Events, and Field Trips - Members will receive an email, or written material.

  • AGM (and SGM) information will be sent electronically, or by post, as Members may choose. (note: The address labels, for paper copies, are created by the LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) Membership Secretary.)

  • Subscription information will be available electronically, or by post. Members will be informed (by e-mail or post) when there is a change in subscription rates. Also, these changes will be on the LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) website: https://www. and in the Charnia magazine.

  • Subscriptions via Standing Order – the LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) will hold financial details of Members who pay subscriptions by standing order for accounts purposes (or as required by law from time to time). The information will be stored securely, and deleted when an order is cancelled.

  • Gift Aid – personal details of Members are sent to HMRC (title, name, address with postcode) to enable the LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) to reclaim UK tax on subscriptions and donations made under Gift Aid. HMRC requires the LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) to retain information about this declaration for seven (7) years.

  • Payments to Members will be made by cheque.

Note: With the exception of notices for General Meetings (AGM, SGM) Members can opt out of any/all of LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) communications at any time by contacting the LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) General Data Controller.

Where voluntarily offered, (enquiries and requests for tickets, etc.), non-Members do give some Personal Data which are retained for future marketing of events solely by LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY).


The CHARNIA website neither uses, nor holds, User data.  Anonymised visitor-usage data are provided to us by our hosting company.  Users may find content on our Site that link to the sites, and services, of other geological groups, or interests.  LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY) do not control the content, or links, that appear on those sites, and are not responsible for the practices employed by those sites.  Browsing and interacting on any other website (including those websites which have links to our Site) are subject to that websites’ terms and policies.

LLPS SECTION C (GEOLOGY): Leicester Literary & Philosophical Society Section C (Geology)
AGM: Annual General Meeting
SGM: Special General Meeting
HMRC: Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs
Approved by LLPS Section C (Geology) Committee: 3rd March 2021 To be reviewed as required and not less frequently than 3 yearly