The Winter Programme 2020-2021

As there are restricting practices through out society, to dampen the spread of the current pandemic, the usual fortnightly meetings by Section C are suspended. In their places are virtual meetings over the internet, shared, by their kind invitation, with the Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group (WGCG). (For our American visitors - that's "Warrickshire".) This programme started in July 2020…


Wednesday July 8
Angus Miller (Secretary Scottish Geology Trust) Contrasting islands: the geology of Eigg and Rum

Wednesday August 19
Rob Vernon (BSc MSc PhD CGeol FGS (Rtd)) Mining in North Wales

Wednesday September 16th
Professor Malcolm Hart (Emeritus Professor, University of Plymouth) Jurassic calamari: new research on fossil squid-like cephalopods from the Wessex Basin

Wednesday September 30th
Tom Wong-Hearing (Leicester Uni & Ghent) Cambrian Rocks and Climate

Wednesday October 14th
Dr Marco Maffione (University of Birmingham) 50 years of plate tectonics: past, current and future questions

Wednesday October 21st
Peter Lincoln (PhD Researcher, University of East Anglia) From Coprolites to Cholera, the extraordinary life of William Buckland

Wednesday October 28th
Jamie Farquharson (University of Miami) Volcanica

Wednesday November 18th
Richard Edmunds Geological history of the Jurassic Coast (WGCG)

Wednesday December 2
Mark T Ireland (Newcastle University) How useful is legacy oil and gas data for nascent geoenergy activities onshore in the United Kingdom

Wednesday December 9th
Aerona Moore (Lapworth Museum of Geology). The History and Hidden Gems of the Lapworth Museum of Geology (WGCG)

Wednesday December 16
Christmas Meeting social – Online Quiz


Wednesday January 13
Kirstie Wright (Heriot-Watt University) Tsunamis! Past, present and future

Wednesday January 20
Jonathan Paul Hydrology of the London Underground

Wednesday February 10
Zoe Mildon (Universities of Plymouth and Cambridge) Chasing recent and historical earthquakes around the world

Wednesday February 17
Ian Fairchild Anthropocene

Wednesday March 10

Wednesday March 17
Dr Simon Drake Skye Meteorites

Monday April 12
Joint meeting with Parent Body

Wednesday April 21st
Noel Worley tbc