The Winter Programme 2018-2019


Wednesday 3rd October
Dr David Button (The Natural History Museum, London) Food for thought: biomechanics analysis of the skulls of Mesozoic dinosaurs reveals repeated patterns in the evolution of herbivory.

Wednesday 17th October
Roy Starkey on Minerals of the English Midlands

Wednesday 31st October
Professor John Smellie (University of Leicester) In a joint meeting with the Geological Society, East Midlands Regional Group: Volcanism in Antarctica; reconstructing past environments, and the survival of Life

Wednesday 14th November
Dr Vanessa Banks (British Geological Survey) Karst processes on the edge of the Derbyshire carbonate platform - a tribute to Dr Trevor Ford

Wednesday 28th November
Dr Rowan Dejardin (University of Nottingham) Reconstructing Holocene oceanography around the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia

Wednesday 12th December
Christmas meeting, the venue will be Lecture Theatre 3 of the Ken Edwards Building on the University campus


Monday 7th January
Parent Body Lecture, New Walk Museum Leicester
Dr Phil Wilby (British Geological Survey) The Ediacaran biota, and it's role in the evolution of the modern world: an update of recent major advances.

Wednesday 16th January
Dr Andrew Miles (University of Leicester) The Shap Granite: a Lake District conundrum.

Wednesday 30th January
Dr Catherine Russell (University of Leicester) Rivers in the rock record: from Utah to Wales

Wednesday 13th February

Members Presentations evening. Venue tbc

Monday 18th February
Parent Body Lecture, New Walk Museum Leicester
Dr June McCombie MBE (School of Chemistry University of Nottingham) The Chemical Cosmos

Wednesday 27th February

Jordan Bestwick (University of Leicester) Reconstructing the diets of pterosaurs and other extinct animals - problems and solutions using dental microwear textural analysis

Saturday 9th March
Our Annual Saturday Seminar at the University of Leicester campus.
(Working title: Geology under the Sea)

Wednesday 13th March
Dr Joe Emmings (British Geological Survey) Precursor to UK Pennsylvanian Coals: Exploring Biogeochemical Processes in the Late Mississippian Rheic-Tethys Seaway.

Wednesday 27th March
Annual General Meeting and Address by the Chair, Dr Mark Evans (New Walk Museum, Leicester). The Mesozoic Marine Reptile Renaissance: Part 3. Thalattosuchians, the Mesozoic marine 'crocodiles'.