The Summer Programme for 2016

n the warmer months, from April to September, we hold a number of field excursions, usually monthly, involving visits to working quarries, or natural exposures, that may be of restricted access to individuals, where Members can add to their collections, absorb new knowledge of our diverse science, or maybe just enjoy the great outdoors. The excursion Leaders are geologists with specialised knowledge of each particular locality.

Saturday 6th May
A guided tour in the

Lapworth Museum, Birmingham

Late June

Great Tew Quarry


6th- 9th July


On Friday 7th: a morning visit to the Steve Etches Museum at Kimmeridge; an afternoon visit to the Albion limestone mine on the Isle of Portland. Saturday and Sunday may be spent on beaches at low tide.

Saturday 12th August
A tour of the hydrology of


led by Dr Albert Benghiat.

September tbc

Kings Dyke Quarry

Whittlesey, aka Must Farm