To Boldly Hammer

Geology of the Planets

Saturday Seminar

From 10.00, 11th March 2017

Lecture Room 3 of the Attenborough Building

University of Leicester

This years’ annual seminar of Section C of the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society is out of this World - literally.
We will be looking at the geology of the rocky Inner Planets, and the structure of the Gas Giants too. It should be a heavenly experience!

Tickets are £15.00 per person.
Please request your tickets from Mr Roger Latham, 25 Potters Lane, East Leake, Loughborough, LE12 6NQ, by sending an SAE, and enclosing a cheque in the appropriate amount, made out to
LLPS Section C Geology.

Tea and Coffee will be provided during recesses.

There is no ‘With Lunch’ option this year because of falling demand.
You may like to bring your own lunch. The University is holding an ‘OpenDay’, and the catering outlets on campus will be open, accommodating all tastes, but may be busy.

Our Speakers on the day will be:

Professor Andy Saunders (University of Leicester) - The Solar system
Jack Wright (School of Physical Sciences, Open University) - Planet Mercury: getting to know the problem child of the Solar System
Professor Sanjeev Gupta (Imperial College) - The adventures of Curiosity, robot field geologist, in Gale Crater, Mars
Dr Leigh Fletcher (University of Leicester) - Realm of the Giants: Junos' exploration of Jupiter
Dr Susanne Schweizer (Open University) - Hypervelocity impacts, cratering of planetary surfaces and the aftermath
Jane Macarthur (Space Research Centre, University of Leicester) - Martian meteorites